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Phone: 407-354-0260
Phone: 407-354-0260

BoiBrazil… ”an Experience”

Our first attractive is the meat, famous throughout the world. Similarly there are vegetarian dishes, salads, vegetables, exquisite side dishes and Feijoada the authentic Brazilian national dish.

Discover the taste of our meat

The quality of our meat as well as the handling of the fire, in charge of our barbecue masters guarantee the exact point of each serving that is served in BOIBRAZIL.

More than 30 cold dishes

Our gourmet salads have been prepared with exquisitely selected ingredients, with thorough hygiene care and of its organic properties.

Wine and cheese a good combination

To enjoy a night with friends, for a special romantic occasion, or any other; wine and cheese, turns out to be a perfect complement; and in BOIBRAZIL, we have the formula of balance between one and the other.

Our Family welcomes you

Since its opening a few years ago, it is not unusual to see Nelson Ramos, BOIBRAZIL’S founder, walking around to greet and interact with the diners of BOIBRAZIL. You feel welcome in the ambiance, and the warmth of the Ramos family, who know very well how to entertain their people.

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Highly trained staff ready to provide

the best service to each customer!!!

“Nunca esqueça que grandes realizações exigem tempo e paciencia…”


"... The meats are grilled and this gives them a characteristic and unique flavor, to that of the typical Brazilian barbecue..." The decoration, staff uniforms and menu options reaffirm the high quality of BOIBRAZIL.

Brazil America Council

Business To Business Service

Best Of 2019 Orlando

Mark is the best well-known male Chef in New York His previous work experience includes such places as the Lucie Restaurant in Chicago…

Do you want to discover a new sensation?

If so, we invite you to discover

the BoiBrazil style!

We are not only a restaurant ... we create a gastronomic experience step by step, with new ways to serve the typical cuts of meat from Brazil. The chef is available to our diners, to explain the elaborate way of cooking roast beef.

Join us!

The Brazilian Grill

It is where it all begins. The grill is a dish with international recognition, its flavor transcends borders and becomes an icon of gastronomy.

We organize your idea professionally!!

Exclusive meals for groups

and corporate events

Our Location

BoiBrazil Churrascaría is conveniently located on International Drive off Interstate 4 (I-4) and near the Orlando Eye. 5668 International Dr Orlando, FL 32819



A great cocktail originally from Brazil, which has acquired an important worldwide fame throughout recent times.
Picanha This rod used by ranchers to direct cattle, gives name to this exquisite cut of typically Brazilian beef. It has a distinctive taste difficult to hide.
Variety of meats The staff will continue to approach the table repeatedly with knives and a skewer, offering several types of quality cuts of meat such as sirloin, beef ribs, lamb, chicken, sausage, and many others.

Fabulous hot and

cold bar

A complete and delicious

entry, which could easily

be transformed into the

main course. Its ingredi-

ents compliment any

good taste in general.

Alcatra This cut is long and has little fat. It is appreciated for its abundant meat flavor. Seasoned with salt, and grilled until part of the fat melts. The remainder becomes crispy.
Desserts Flan, tiramisu, iced glasses, fresh fruits and others are the perfect signature closing of a letter with the BOIBRAZIL stamp.. All with an exquisite presentation.
Specialties Specialties
Phone: 407-354-0260
Phone: 407-354-0260
The pleasure of savoring the classic Ever since we started with BOIBRAZIL, we mark on fire the tradition and the passion, reflected in each of our recipes.
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